What to Look for When Buying a Memory Foam Pillow

Memory foam pillows are popular for many reasons – they provide superior support, cradle your head and neck for comfort, and are more durable and last longer than traditional fiber-filled pillows. It can be overwhelming to shop for pillows these days. There are so many memory foam pillows on the market at differing price points and with different features. Since memory foam pillows are typically more expensive than traditional pillows, consumers want to make sure they’re making the best decision for them when purchasing a new pillow. So what should you be looking for when you buy a memory foam pillow? Read on for some helpful tips to get you matched with the best memory foam pillow for you.

Your Sleeping Position

In order to find the best memory foam pillow to suit your unique sleep needs, you should take your sleeping position into account as you shop. Back sleepers typically need a “higer loft” (or thicker) pillow for correct head and neck alignment throughout the night. Look for medium to firm memory foam pillows that are flat or contoured to your head for ample support. As with back sleepers, side sleepers need higher loft pillows to support proper alignment. In fact, the area between one’s ear and shoulder should ideally be supported by a pillow when sleeping on the side. Since this is the case, look for firmer memory foam pillows for the added support that the neck and spine need while in a side sleeping position. Stomach sleepers differ in that they need lower profile pillows. Memory foam pillows made of a slab of foam may be too dense and high for stomach sleepers. Opt instead for shredded or hybrid memory foam pillows that offer more cushioned support while on your stomach.


As mentioned above, even memory foam pillows come in different varieties! Most people think of slab memory foam when picturing a foam pillow – this is a single, solid layer of memory foam. While these work for many, many people, some individual prefer the soft, plushness of traditional pillows but still desire the support that memory foam can offer. For these individuals, shredded memory foam or hybrid pillows may be the best options. Shredded memory foam is squishy because the memory foam slab is cut up into small pieces. Hybrid pillows combine either slab or shredded memory foam with some type of fiber fill for dual comfort.

Desired Firmness

Just as with fiber-filled pillows, memory foam pillows come in a variety of firmness levels. Some believe that all memory foam is ultra firm, and that is not the case! While memory foam is naturally more dense than fiber, different specifications of the foam itself can cause pillows to be varying levels of firmness – make sure to check out the firmness level of any pillow you are shopping for.


There is a pillow available for every budget – yes, even memory foam pillows! When weighing the price of memory foam pillows, it’s important to understand the lifetime of a memory foam pillow. Memory foam pillows can last years. In fact, many memory foam pillows come with warranties that are good for 5 or even up to 10 years! If companies are willing to stand behind their product for that long, you can rest assured that it is quality. On the other hand, traditional pillows need to be replaced every six months to a year; because this is the case, purchasing a memory foam pillow is more of an investment upfront that will pay off in the long run. Pillow pricing is often influenced by the additional features of the pillow – is it ultra cooling? Does it have unique overlays or additional materials that sets it apart from others? If so, the price may be higher for these memory foam pillows, but the pay off for the extra bells and whistles may be worth it. 

No matter your price point, sleep style, or needs, there is a memory foam pillow that can suit you. Do your research on what features are most important to you and realize that you are investing in your sleep and overall health when you purchase a new memory foam pillow.