What To Look for When Buying a Mattress Topper

Ready to amp up your bedding by adding a mattress topper but not sure what to consider as you shop? Look no further than this blog post for some guidance! There are many benefits of mattress toppers. Mattress toppers are able to provide increased support and comfort and even change the feel of your bed without splurging on the pricetag for a whole new mattress. Adding a topper to your bed can also help protect your mattress and increase its longevity, as you’re adding an additional protective layer between your body and the mattress. As you shop, it’s important to consider the features of the mattress toppers that you find and assess how those align with your goals and priorities for adding a topper to your bedding. As you browse and come to a decision, make sure to consider the material of the topper, its thickness, pertinent features, and, of course, reviews. Let’s dig in deeper to each of these categories:


As you’ve been perusing, you’ve probably noticed that, like mattresses and pillows, mattress toppers come in a variety of materials. Toppers can be solely memory foam – offering the body contouring and support similar to their memory foam mattress counterparts, gel memory foam – offering the support of memory foam with increased cooling ability, fiber fill – providing added fluffiness to your bed, and even hybrid materials – combining the support of memory foam with the plush feel of fiber bedding. Knowing what you’re looking for in feel can help you settle on which material is best for you. If you prefer the dense support of memory foam, you may consider a gel or traditional foam topper, wheras if you prefer that sleeping-on-a-cloud feeling, fiber or hybrid materials may better suit your needs.


Toppers come in differing thicknesses. The thickness of the topper typically correlates to the degree to which you experience those benefits of each material explored above. Increased thickness in toppers mean they’ll be more expensive, but these also go the farthest in truly changing up the feel of your mattress. If you need a little bit of an extra boost in support or comfort, choosing a lower profile topper may easily suit your needs, whereas if you’re really looking for a big change, the thicker toppers will be your go-to.

Features and Benefits

Even within toppers with similar materials and thicknesses, differing features offer different benefits to sleepers. This is where you have to consider your needs and priorities and what is most important to you. If you’re considering a memory foam topper but typically sleep hot, opting for gel memory foam or memory foam utilizing cooling technology may help you maintain optimal body temperature throughout the night while experiencing the support and comfort you desire. Additionally, many toppers are created to be naturally antimicrobial. As you may know, our beds harbor a lot of germs and bacteria due to how much time we spend in them. If cleanliness is a top concern for you, opting for these toppers to enhance the freshness of your bed may be the best choice. Lastly, many toppers are created with stain repellant technology. If you frequently eat or drink in bed or want to further enhance the protection to your mattress and bed that a topper can offer, opting for toppers with this technology may be your best bet.


We live in an exciting time of connection and commerce, and part of what can help guide consumers’ purchases and thoughts on a variety of categories of retail items is reviews from other consumers. There are many, many considerations to make when you purchase a mattress topper, and you don’t have to go it alone! Trust other consumers’ thoughts and do your research in exploring what they see as the drawbacks and benefits of the topper they purchased so that you can see if their thoughts align with your needs. And, be sure to add your own review once you make your decision to help other shoppers!

The Bottom Line

As with any purchase, there are many considerations to make when you are shopping for a mattress topper. It’s important to keep in mind that this is a purchase that you will be using every day, so it’s imperative that you go into the shopping process informed and aware of your own needs, wants, and priorities. Taking time to consider which material and thickness is right for you as well as desired features can help you decide which reviews to take a look at to help guide your shopping process. Happy topper shopping!