What to Look for in a Mattress Protector

Mattresses can be a big financial investment, and it makes sense that consumers often try to protect and preserve that investment so that our mattresses can remain fresh and supportive for as long as they can. Spending one third of our lives on a mattress means that mattresses can accumulate sweat, body fluids, skin cells, dust mites, and bacteria that can impact not only the longevity of our mattresses but also the health of the sleeper. In order to increase the sustaining power of your mattress, opt for a mattress protector. There are many protectors on the market, so what should you look for as you shop to make the best choice as a consumer? Read on to find out!

Water Proofing

We naturally sweat and secrete body fluids as we slumber. In fact, some statistics state that we may sweat up to one liter per night! Sweat seeps through our sheets and, without proper protection, straight into our mattresses. One of the primary critters that lives in our mattresses and can cause allergies and other reactions is the dust mite. Dust mites thrive in moist, warm environments, and sweating night after night, unfortunately, can create the perfect habitat for these mites to make a home in your mattress. As you shop for mattress protectors, opt for those with water proofing abilities – these can help lock out sweat and fluids and prevent seepage, enhancing the longevity and health of your mattress and yourself.

Lock Out Skin Cells

In addition to sweat, we slough off skin cells at night as our cells regenerate. This is great for our bodies, but not so great for our mattresses. In fact, you may have heard the statistic that our mattresses can gain weight over time due to the accumulation of skin cells in addition to the sweat and fluids mentioned above. Gross! What’s more, those pesky dust mites also thrive in environments where they can feast on dead skin cells that may be lurking deep down in our mattresses. Sleeping without a mattress protector that has the ability to lock out the accumulation of these cells as well as dust mites themselves can jeopardize health and well-being.

As you shop for a mattress protector, look for those with water proofing and enhanced protective technologies to protect not only your mattress’ health but also your own health.