iCOOL Technology System

Through extensive sleep research and testing the iCool Technology System® was developed. iCOOL was created with the best, most comfortable night’s sleep in mind. This technology infuses proprietary breathability elements across 3 critical areas of memory foam products, beginning with the manufacturing process itself, the type of foams used, and the fabric. Underneath the umbrella of the iCOOL Technology System, all elements of SensorPEDIC products have been well-researched to help you stay cool while you sleep using the latest in textile science and manufacturing technology.


How iCOOL Technology Works

The SensorPEDIC® iCOOL Technology System® provides a cooler sleep experience through infusing technology in the 3 “F”s of memory foam products: the fabrication process, foams, and fabrics.

Looking first at the manufacturing process, SensorPEDIC memory foam products leverage unique processes with added breathability built in through ventilation and manufacturing methods that encourage airflow. Proprietary SensorPEDIC foam formulations like Transcend and SensorFOAM further add to the product’s breathability as these are super open-cell foams. Lastly, the fabric covers are made from breathable circular-knits which add a luxurious hand and flex and breathe more easily, thereby helping dissipate thermal build-up.

iCool at a Glance

  • Memory Foam Products
  • Superior Construction
  • Ventilation
  • Cooling
  • Breathable
  • Luxurious Fabrics