Through extensive testing the SensorPEDIC’s ComfortCool Technology was developed. ComfortCool technology is a proprietary memory foam formulation that has been independently tested and proven to sleep on average four degrees cooler than conventional memory foam. Employed in many SensorPEDIC® memory foam pillows and toppers, products with ComfortCOOL Technology help move heat away from the body to help maintain a cooler sleep environment.


How ComfortCool Technology Works

The SensorPEDIC® ComfortCool Technology has been developed to transfer heat away from the body to help manage microclimate temperature and sleeps on average four degrees cooler than other memory foams on the market. Combined with our superior airflow technology and open-cell memory foam construction, the ComfortCool products provide a cooler sleep experience all night.

ComfortCool at a Glance

  • Memory Foam Products
  • Sleeps 4 Degrees Cooler
  • Help Control Body Temperature
  • Open-Cell Technology