SensorPEDIC vs. MyPillow

Maybe you’ve seen the infomercials lately on TV heavily advertising MyPillow and wondered what it’s all about. MyPillow manufactures made in the USA poly-foam pillows that are advertised to be “the most comfortable pillows you’ll ever own,” but how true is that statement? And how does the MyPillow compare to the tried and true SensorPEDIC line of pillows? There are quite a few ways MyPillow differs from the SensorPEDIC memory foam and fiber-filled pillows including in pillow composition choices, sleep technology, pricing, guarantees, and legal altercations.

Pillow Composition Choices

As mentioned above, MyPillow utilizes open-cell poly-foam for its pillow composition. MyPillow is available in a standard and premium pillow choice, and both types of pillows utilize the poly-foam material inside the pillow. SensorPEDIC differs because it does not ascribe to a one size fits all mindset when it comes to pillow composition. SensorPEDIC instead features a wide array of both fiber-filled and memory foam pillows. Added variety means that a spectrum of sleeper comfort preferences are addressed by the SensorPEDIC line. SensorPEDIC pillows can be found at Macy’s, JC Penney, Dillard’s, Lowe’s, Boscov’s, and more.

Sleep Technology

Though MyPillow is patented due to its unique pillow design utilizing open-core poly-foam, that is the only technology that MyPillow uses. SensorPEDIC is committed to continual sleep innovation and has a host of proprietary technologies including iCOOL Technology System, SensorFOAM, CleanCOOL, VentAIR, GelMax, ComfortCOOL, Ideal Comfort, and more. Many of these technologies allow for cooler, more comfortable sleep throughout the night due to cooling covers and fill. As a line, the SensorPEDIC pillows represent more diverse and innovative technologies aimed at improving sleep. 


According to the MyPillow website, consumers can purchase two standard MyPillow pillows for $79.98 through a perennial buy one get one free offer or one Premium MyPillow for $79.98. MyPillow is not the most economically-friendly choice. Sleepers can purchase SensorPEDIC pillows at a variety of price points and rest easy knowing that SensorPEDIC delivers on higher quality technologies and superior materials. Sleepers can purchase a four pack of SensorPEDIC standard shredded memory foam pillows that feel similarly to the MyPillow for $51.00. 

Legal Altercations

MyPillow was sued for deceptive and false advertisements in the state of California in 2016. MyPillow made multiple medically-related statements pertaining to their products that could not be backed up with scientific studies or information. In the same year, MyPillow also came under fire during a class action lawsuit. The suit was settled out of court, but that did not necessarily get rid of MyPillow’s tainted reputation in the eyes of the public. SensorPEDIC takes pride in its products as well as its advertisement and does not make false claims that seek to mislead consumers just to sell more products. Unlike MyPillow, SensorPEDIC has never been involved in a million dollar plus lawsuit. 

SensorPEDIC pillows beat MyPillow hands-down in a variety of categories including diversity of pillow choice, available technologies, pricing, satisfaction guarantees, and the absence of legal altercations involving their products. The choice is clear. Instead of purchasing MyPillow, look to SensorPEDIC with your pillow and bedding needs instead.