SensorPEDIC: The Most Comfortable Memory Foam in the World

While many people feel that memory foam is overall more comfortable than traditional bedding like fiber pillows and spring mattresses, they may not have a deep understanding of why memory foam is so comfortable. One primary reason for memory foam’s supreme comfort is the pressure relief that it offers. SensorPEDIC memory foam is The Most Comfortable Memory Foam in the World. Read on for what helps our memory foam feel so luxurious.

‚ÄčPressure Relief of Memory Foam

Memory foam cradles the body. We can certainly tell a difference in how it feels to lay on a spring mattress versus a memory foam mattress. The memory foam mattress contours to your body shape, offering more contact area between you and the mattress throughout your body – especially to the areas where we tend to hold the most tension including our backs, necks, and shoulders. When these contact areas are spread out evenly, the places on our bodies that store tension can relax since they are under less pressure. As important to contact area in relieving pressure while we sleep is support. Memory foam is naturally more supportive than traditional bedding.

How SensorPEDIC Foam Stacks Up

While memory foam is supportive and comfortable, not all memory foam is the same. Take SensorPEDIC memory foam for example. SensorPEDIC foam is The Most Comfortable Memory Foam in the World in part because of its superior construction, offering enhanced pressure relief and support. In tests conducted by an independent lab, SensorPEDIC memory foam was shown to provide a 33% reduction in overall body pressure and a 200% increase in contact area as compared to tests performed on baseline mattresses and pillows. 

If you find yourself tossing and turning at night or unable to get to sleep because of tension in your body, you may want to consider moving to high quality memory foam bedding that offers superior pressure relieving support and contact area to help you get the best night’s sleep possible.