Euro Majestic 3″ 3 Zone Quilted Topper

Rest assured knowing that each part of your body is receiving the right amount of support throughout the night when sleeping on the SensorPEDIC Euro Majestic 3Zone Quilted Memory Foam Bed Topper. This 3″ topper features Bio Metric Body Alignment Zoned Topper Technology to offer support and comfort for each section of the body. The head and neck zone along with the leg and feet zone are made of transcend memory foam that is lab tested to sleep cooler than regular memory foam by dissipating body heat. Transcend foam is known for its fast recovery and conforming abilities that reduce motion transfer, making it ideal to support the upper and lower parts of the body. The torso zone features therapeutic, pressure-relieving gel-infused memory foam that maintains supportive comfort all night long while also helping to keep you cool. The luxurious nylon-blend fabric cover has memory foam quilted into it to add an additional layer of cooling comfort to your mattress, while the non-skid bottom ensures this topper stays in place night after night.