5″ 500 Thread Count Tencel Fiber Topper

The SensorPEDIC 500 Thread Count Tencel Fiber Mattress Topper is generously filled with plush, hypoallergenic fiber and features a soft Tencel fabric cover that adds a layer of luxurious comfort to any mattress. The ultra-soft Tencel cover is a natural botanical fiber that adds optimal softness, coolness, and moisture-wicking. The baffle box construction featured on this topper assures the fill remains evenly distributed, while the streth-to-fit bedskirt ensures a secure fit atop your mattress. About Tencel: Tencel is a botanic lyocell fiber that is more absorbent than cotton, softer than silk, and cooler than linen. Toppers with Tencel resist the formation of bacteria because moisture is immediately transported into the inside of the fiber. Tencel moisture absorption also helps create an optimal skin climate for a cooler night’s rest.