Do I Need A Mattress Pad or Protector?

Maybe you’ve had a mattress pad or protector on your mattress your whole life, or maybe you’re just beginning to up your bedding game and haven’t yet incorporated these items into your bedding solution. Either way, you may be questioning why you a mattress pad or protector, what the differences between these products are, or even what benefit they provide to you. Some people are skeptical about the need for one of these products, but these barriers have many health and protective benefits. Let’s debunk some of the common questions surrounding these products and help you discover which solution is right for you.

What are mattress pads and protectors?

Mattress pads and protectors are fabric barriers that are similar in that they fit directly on top of a mattress and lay underneath the bottom fitted sheet. Mattress protectors are thin and waterproof, whereas pads are thicker because they include differing degrees of filling, adding comfort and plushness. Mattress pads are generally not waterproof; however, can be depending on what you purchase. Because of their differing designs, mattress pads can change the feel of a mattress, whereas mattress protectors do not. Most protectors and pads are machine washable.

What are the benefits of pads and protectors?

  • Pads and protectors help protect your mattress
    • This seems like a no-brainer, but mattresses are subject to much wear and tear. Pads and protectors help keep the mattress clean and free of stains that all mattresses are subjected to due to contact with humans – oil, skin cells, and sweat easily seep into mattresses and make them dirty and more likely to wear out and feel less comfortable quickly.
    • Many mattresses come with warranties, but most warranties can be voided due to stains resulting from an unclean and unprotected mattress. Pads and protectors help protect your warranty and your investment in your mattress.
  • Pads and protectors help keep you healthy
    • It’s probably not a surprise that dust mites, microbes, bacteria, and allergens like to hang out on our mattresses. If that thought makes you cringe a little, you can understand why an added layer of protection between these nasty little guys and your body makes many people breathe a sigh of relief. Many individuals suffer from allergies and experience itchy eyes, runny nose, or sore throats upon waking up; this could be due to allergens and microbes in the mattress. Adding a pad or a protector is a way to minimize one’s exposure to these harmful environmental components.

Which one is right for me?

If you’re caught between the many pads and protectors on the market, there is an option that offers the best of both words – combining the toughness of a protector due to increased fluid and stain resistance, with the plush comfort of a pad. The SensorPEDIC MicroShield Mattress Pad provides additional comfort to any mattress while blocking 99.78% of allergens, making it the ideal solution to the mattress pad and protector dilemma.