Discover SensorPEDIC’s Assortment of Warming Products & Revolutionary SensorSafe Technology

Autumn is upon us, and that means that winter is just around the corner. As you break out the fall sweaters and cozy up this season, it’s important to consider how your bedding is helping you stay warm and comfy this season. Sometimes a thick blanket or quilt is just not enough to give you that boost of warmth and comfort that you need. Maybe you’re a cold-natured person, live in a cool climate, or sleep cold at night – or maybe all three! Whatever the case may be, we often experience feeling more chilly in the fall and winter months, which can disrupt our sleep and lead to a decrease in our overall health and well-being. As you begin to transition your clothes for the new season, it may be time to opt for some new bedding products to help you warm up over these cooler months. SensorPEDIC is proud to offer a variety of warming products to help increase your comfort this season and beyond including heated blakets, a warming mattress pad, and warming shoulder/neck wrap.

Warming Products and Benefits

No matter your warming needs over these chilly months, SensorPEDIC has you covered. If you frequently experience shoulder or neck tension or desire a boost of heat while you sit and work or watch TV, check out the warming neck and shoulder wrap, offering your desired level of warmth to the areas that you need it most. Extra comfort is added with plush, microfleece fabric material. Perhaps you struggle most to stay warm and comfortable at night, in which case opting for the warming mattress pad may be your best bed for delivering even warmth to your whole bed. Having your mattress pad heat from under you can intensify the warmth and benefit that you feel as you drift into sleep. These mattress pads are also stain and water resistant, providing optimal protection for your mattress and bedding. The larger sizes also come with dual controls, so that multiple partners can adjust their desired level of warmth on their sides. Heated blankets are a mainstay in the bedding industry, and for good reason – these blankets can provide heat in bed or as you sit on the couch for a flexible boost of warmth when you need it most. SensorPEDIC’s heated blankets are made from luxuriously soft microfleece for added plushness and comfort.


Of course, safety is a top concern and consideration as you reach for warming products this season and beyond. All of SensorPEDIC’s warming products offer multiple heat settings, allowing you to customize your heating needs as well as offer an auto-off feature, so that you don’t have to worry about remembering to switch your product off. Additionally, all products feature SensorSafe technology, which is a proprietary overheat technology built into the wires to not allow products to overheat. This means that you can rest more easily and comfortably, having confidence in the safety of SensorPEDIC’s warming collection products.

As you cozy up this season, reach for SensorPEDIC warming products to amplify your comfort and customize your heating needs. Wherever you need warmth most, SensorPEDIC has you covered. Thanks to a commitment to safety and utilization of safety technologies and features, you can rest assured that your warmth and heat is coming from a safe source this fall and winter.